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Thursday, June 4, 2009


keeping up with writing hasn't been as easy as I initially thought it would be. Now I can appreicate what columnists go through everyday or week in coming up with something intesresting to write about in the papers. 

My plan when I started this blog was to give you guys an update on the political happenings around the world and from time to time some happenings in my personal life. It's been almost six months that I last posted anything. 

A lot has happened since then which I am not going to delve in. This is hoping I wont go into another reccesion (" reccession" that's the most said word right now). 

Monday, January 5, 2009


First and foremost this is wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year. Its been over four months from today since I made any posting to this blog. My resolution when starting this Blog is that I will always try as much as possible to make my postings as regular as possible. But I guess this resolution has fallen on the way side like my other resolutions that I have made over the years have done.

This new year 2009 is so full of promises and possibilities yet I know its definately going to come with its own fair share of broken dreams, delayed results, mountains to climb, etc. But like the popular saying goes "When the Going gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going". This simply implies that the choice to succeed or fail this year is in our hands.

We can either be cowered by situations or be go into situaitons with boldness. We can either run from challenges or make a stand in the face of challenges. We can either stay on the ground when we fall or we can rise again, try again till we succeed. We can either take the shortcut to success which does not last or we can go it the hard way which brings lasting joy.

Like US President Elect Obama said in one of his capaign speeches ' WE WILL cos' We CAN'!
Nothing is greater than the power of the human mind.

Decide in your heart to be the best you can be this year and I bet you come 31st December of this year, you will be able to look back with satisfaction knowing that you gave your best in all you decided to do.

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