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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goverment and Us

Another building collapsed in Abuja trapping and killing some of the workers on the building. Last 2 weeks over 43 young Nigerians lost their lives while in the course of trying to gain employment with the Nigerian Immigration Service. They were looking for what to eat but unfortunately they got eaten up by death and all these because of the laxity and inefficiency of those conducting the job interview, and as is the usual practice in Nigeria Panels to probe these incidents have been quickly setup. The Panels setup up to look into these unfortunate inccidents has not come up with anything yet, as if they ever will. I wonder why our Government (at all levels) is so much fixated with the setting up of Panels to probe disasters that could easily have been avoided in the first place? I see this as Medicine after death and another way for those in Government to chop money because their would be all sorts of allowances just for been a member of these panels. Like Simon Kolawole said in one of his columns of Sunday Thisday, the peoples back have been pressed against the wall by the various callous policies and officials of government and its just a matter of time before we witness a revolution in this beloeved country of ours. Its already happening in the Niger Delta. Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

in Nigeria panels are setup to probe other panels already on ground.

Laolu said...

the country is in dire need of new and dedicated leaders to turn the fortunes of tis county round.

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