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Monday, July 7, 2008

Needed Rest!

Finally, I have started my Vacation after weeks of undecision. It feels so good to wake up normally every morning instead of been awaken by the grating sound of an alarm clock. Its a week already and I wonder why its so fast. Anyways the idea is to rest, rest and rest (if possible).
Nevertheless I will still try as much as possible to serve you burning issues as they break out in the country and the world in general.
I wonder what an 84 year old man would still want to cling to power for? Robert Mugabe is just an example of the kind of leaders that Africa has been unfortunate to have. Twenty-eight years after coming into power Zimbabwe has become a pariah nation, economy has been ruined by wrong policies and corruption, inflation and thuggery are at the highest. Thank God for Death, yes I mean it Death because I think that's the only thing that can remove him from power. This might sound a bit harsh but its simply the truth.
The AU couldn't do much about Zimbabwe in their just concluded meeting. Most of the Leaders that came for the meetings also are dictators in their own country, Mubarack, Gaddafi, just to mention a few.


james said...

we all need rest sometimes. anyhow make sure u kip making ds wonderful posts. have a wonderful holiday.

Laolu said...

Robert Mugabe is just one of the reasons why Africa is not developed.

azu said...

Abacha, OBJ are all in the same category of mugabe. God help us in africa

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