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Thursday, August 21, 2008


I now know what it means when writers say they are experiencing a 'drought' or writer's fatigue. They cant think of anythiing to write. I have been like that for some days now, racking my poor head to see whether I might have something still stored in the recess of my memory that would be worthy to post on this blog but it seems like the more I try to think up something to write the farther they get away from me.

I am very sure there must have been times when we (including myself) must have had the believe that journalists, authors, etc have a very easy job to do. Just sit in front of a computer as the case may be now and just type away. But This past fews days have taught me a lesson that things are not always as easy as they seem and that writing is as hard as any other so called hard jobs that we all know of.

What do you think about this? have you ever tried to do something that you've always considered to be easy but only to find out that its not as easy as you think? Make your comments.

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Anonymous said...

there are no hard jobs just like there are no easy ones. its just a mind thing.

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