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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I saw a thief got burnt alive a couple of days ago in Lagos, Nigeria and the image is still ingrained in my head. I wonder how it would feel to stare death in the face and know that the inevitable end has finally come?

Am left wondering what would have been going through his mind as the mob surrounds him with clubs and other dangerous weapons. Maybe he must have tried to talk his way out of the predicament ( he is suppossedly a member of a gang of armed robbers terrorizing the neighbourhood before luck ran out on him) but with that not working, the pleadings and cryings will start from him with the aim and hope of striking a chord of mercy in the heart of any/many of the bystanders to come to his assistance and plead for mercy, plead for another chance to turn a new leaf, another chance to start a new life of making amends but alas mercy did not come from anybody. Maybe they would just beat me and then let me go or hand me over to the Police, he says to himself out of a dying hope.

The mob would have been unrelenting in their quest to shed blood, albeit a tainted one to them. Then the beating starts, blood is drawn and the mob is further thrown into a frenzy, a boodthirsty one! A voice is heard from amidst the chaos unfolding 'Lets Burn the B********D' its says, almost immdediately out of nowhere a car tire appears, then matches, then petrol and at that very moment with body battered and twisted, eyes nearly popping from their sockets the thief knows his hen has come home to roost.

Minutes later, passersby glances, whispers and shake their heads at the charred remains of what was once a breathing organism.Its a jungle out here.

Man's Inhumanity to Man.

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rasta said...

A typical jungle justice that occurs everywhere in Africa. Two wrongs can never make a right.

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