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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Am experiencing what writers call a block right now.
But seriously, how should governments react or act when a sitting president is experiencing serious health problems that could be life threatening in nature. Should they come out and tell the whole citizenry what the problem with the president is or just keep a sealed lip about it for the sake of 'National Security?'.

What is happening in Nigeria presently concerning the President has got people divided on whether the government was right to have kept the whole nation in the dark concerning the health condition of their president or not.

What is your own honest opinion? comments are invited.

More will be written on this in the days coming by as I try to shake this block off.


omolara said...

the government should be open and not deceive its citizens who have the right to know how the country is been run.

ade said...

A sickly president is not really good for the image of the country. You can see what is happening in America's election where age has been a big issue between Obama (47yrs old) and Mcain (72yrs old).

yinka said...

i think the government is right.

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