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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Manner of Democracy?

Men of the State Security Services raided one of the media houses in Nigeria, locking
up the staffs and harrassing everybody in sight. Taking cue from this illegality, Nigeria
Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), the body that regulates the practice of broadcasting
in Nigeria suspended the license of this same media house. The offence commited by
the media house was the supposedly resignation of the president from office.

For a government that professes rule of law and claims to allow freedom of speech
and information, this act by the two government agencies smacks on outright
hypocrisy and disregard for the constitution of the nation.

I personally dont see anything wrong or any security breach made in
announcing even if it turns out to be false that a sitting president is about to resign!
This government should stop chasing shadows and irrelivances and face up to the
more pressing issues that is bedevilling our beloved country. The Niger Delta is
boiling, the Stock Market is crashing further everyday just to mention some of the few
problems at hand.

Two years into this administration and they are still crawling on all aspects of governance.

1 comment:

musa said...

nigeria is presently not even crawling but on a standstill!! God help us all.

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