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Monday, April 14, 2008

BirthDay Blues

April 14th. Just another day for most people, but for me it happens to be my Birth Date.

I have been receiving calls and text messages from well wishers all with inspirational talks/messages. What really is the signifance of ones birth date?

The years have passed by in a blur and it seems just like yesterday that i was learning how to walk and talk!! The significance of it is not lost on me though; a year older (me thinks age is nothing but a number and you as as old as you feel) the society then bestows more responsibilites on you and expects much more from you cos to most people age goes along with a certain status.
In Africa and Nigeria in particular, age is almsot synonymous with marriage. Am not married yet so i ihave been geting jibes from people about settling down (as if i wasn't before) and taking a wife!

Am just going to enjoy the day and reflect on my past deeds while looking forward to the future with great optimism.

Any views about this? Send your comments in.

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