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Thursday, April 17, 2008

More than 50 Zimbabwean opposition supporters have been arrested after staging a strike, the party has said.

Police have accused the Movement for Democratic Change of trying to incite violence with their strike call, in protest at delayed poll results.
The BBC said the Wednesday’s strike had little impact as 80 per cent of Zimbabweans were without a job.

The poll crisis is also likely to be raised at a UN Security Council session to be attended by some African leaders.
South African’s leader, Thabo Mbeki called for the special meeting, which is supposed to be about how the UN can work with the African Union to bring peace to the Africa’s conflicts, from Somalia to Sudan’s Darfur region. Zimbabwe is not officially on the agenda.

But the BBC at the UN said the UK’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown, along with officials and ministers from the US and France, were expected to raise the continuing stalemate in Zimbabwe - in public and in behind-the-scenes meetings.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon is keeping up the pressure, calling once again for the speedy release of the results of Zimbabwe’s March 29 presidential election.

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akinyemi said...

Mugabe is just one of the numerous leaders that have over the years ruined their years. The man is old he should just quit before he does more damage.

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