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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nigeria - A Country of Probes

Nigeria is a country of Probes, Committees (the committees end up spending more money on sittings and logistics than the stolen money being investigated) been setup without any result to show for it. The on-going Power Probe speaks volumes about integrity of our self righteous ex-president, General Olusegun "Mr Know It ALL" Obasanjo. The Millions of Dolllars said to have been spent on the various Independent Power Projects located in various parts of the country is astonishing and mind blowing, yet stable Electricity still seems like a mirage to an ordinary Nigerian and it doesnt look like the problem would be remedied any time sooner!!!

All the various project sites visited by the Committee seem to have one thing in common and that is very low work activity going on at these places despite payments been made to the contractors handling this projects. Infact in one of their numerous findings, a particular contractor did not even know the location of the site in which he is to build a power plant despite having been paid over 70% of the cost of the project. IMAGINE!!!

I hope and I believe am speaking the minds of the over 140million Nigerians that the final outcome of this Probe and Investigations won't be swept under the rug as the case has been in the time past (the Justice Oputa Probe Panel is a ready example of this) because from all indications, most of the people involved in this rape and plunder of our collective resources said to be top ex and serving Government officials in collusion with some foreign partners.

We need a revolution in this country and the earlier it happens the better!!

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