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Thursday, May 15, 2008


My last post was on the 17th of April. A lot of events have taken place since that last time. I think of my country with sorrow and tears in my eyes. We have come a long way as a nation yet with little or nothing to show for it. Am reminded constantly of the saying that ‘It s Not How Long or How Far BUT How Well’. Nigeria has not done well.

The much taunted Giant of Africa has simply refused to grow from its dwarfish stature. A potentially great country we’ve been labeled but we’ve failed to wake up from our lethargy and stupor to turn that Potential power to Kinetic (moving energy).
It is not for lack or want of resources be it material, human just name it and we have enough of it. The cause of our being in this sorrowful and dejected state can be traced to every Nigerian living and dead. We’ve all refused to play our parts towards building a greater Nigeria. We’ve paid lip service to those norms and values that have founded the great nations of this world. The irony is that we all blame the other person while forgetting that we as guilty as those we blame. My heart bleeds when I see the poverty pervading our society in the midst of plenty, I see darkness around me in the midst of light, I see despair and anger written all over the faces of the populace in a country which is full of hope.

We all need to take stock and reassess ourselves and determine that in our own little way, we will make meaningful contributions to the growth and well being of this country. What are you still waiting for?
God Bless Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

i believe there is hope for nigeria to still her take position in the committe of developed nations if only only we have leaders that ready to pay the supreme price(ready to die for nigeria).with this frame of mind they wil be ready to step on toes of established forces that have kept the nation in perpetual bondage.

Anonymous said...

yes i believe what d first poster has said. all hope is not lost we just need the collective will to start making a change. good writeup.

Tope said...

I have not got any emotions left for this country called Nigeria so my heart is not bleeding at all for it. I live in the UK out of complusion and neccesity and not my own choice. A lot of young Nigerians are here and I wonder how many people are left. It is a huge brain drain. I have been living here for 5 years and don't see myself living in Nigeria again because basic things that i take for granted are either too expensive or not available. Why are people not going to accept that Nigerian leaders are so corrupt and will not change their ways? If people can accept this then they won't be dissapointed or have a bleeding heart

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