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Friday, May 30, 2008

One Year of Nothingness

The present Administration clocked one year yesterday 29th May. As usual, all the media houses were awash with paid advertorials from contractors, hangerons, political jobbers, etc congralutating the various administrations both State and Federal for a job well done in the past 365 days.

Ask the ordinary Nigerian on the street and he/she will tell you that there is nothing really to celebrate. Cost of living has gone astronomically high, insecurity of lives and property is rife. We seems to be going backwards in terms of development.

I sincerely hope our elected leaders will wake up from their slumber and face the ardeous task that is ahead of them.


Anonymous said...

my brother, i agree with your writeup. we have not seen materialize any of the promises made to us by the president when he took over last year. How long shall Nigeria continue to be saddled with inefficient leaders?

Yinka said...

the government is slow, lacks initiative. One year and the country has gone from bad to worse. God help us all.

demola said...

African leaders are the cause of Africa's woes and poverty. We need a revolution in this country nigeria.

Adiele said...

this present government lacks leadership but what would u expect when the president was rigged into the position.

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