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Monday, May 26, 2008

My Random Thots

A friend asked me if I was going to be posting personal stuffs on this site which I said yes to. So from time to time I will be giving you guys gists about the happenings in my life and people around me. I must warn you guys though that I lead a very boring life.

Over the weekend we had a re-run of Gubernatorial elections in two states of Nigeria - Sokoto and Bayelsa. Their was very low interest everywhere as to what the outcome would be except maybe the participants themselves. And you wouldn't blame us for having this kind of apathy towards elections in Nigeria. After the sham called an eleciton that has taken place in the country in the past one year who wouldn't be fatigued from all the electoral robberies we have all been witnessess to.

As expected PDP won both states with a majority vote that is probably more than the total number of voters registered. I think INEC should be given the Best Magician Award for been able to conjure up election winning numbers from the most unexpected of places (from goats, cows, underaged persons, dead people, etc).

Anyhow not to be a bad belle person, I want to use this medium to congratulate the re-elected Governors Aliyu Wammako and Timipre Sylva of Sokoto and Bayelsa states respectively for CAPTURING (in the words of an ex-president of ours) their states. And to the opposition parties that lost overwhelmingly in the two states, I would advice them to go for further studies in an approved University to learn how to capture their states next time around and I am recommending UniPDP for courses in Politics 101-Fundamentals and Art of Rigging and then Politics 102 - How to Hijack Power For next 60 years


wildchild said...

Elections in this country is won by the highest bidder. That's why this politicians misbehave when they come into power.

Omowale said...

The only way forwad in this country is fora revolution to take place.

Anonymous said...

votes r gotten thru d highest bidder. i agree wit omoowale, a revolution is needed in this country

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